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Chaam (HO) - NS - Modelled by Phil & Charlie Colton

Chaam is a real town near the Dutch border with Belgium which didn’t have a railway. In my imagining it is now a dormitory town within reach of Breda and Antwerp and so has commuter services to both giving me a chance to introduce both NS and SNCB/NMBS rolling stock.  The goods yard contains infrastructure wagons and the factory is called The Rusting Metal Box Company.

Oosterhout Norder Docken (HO) - Modelled by Phil Colton

I found Oosterhout on a map of the Netherlands and modelled it as a canal dockside just south of the Maas.  I guessed that the waterway was lined with tall 18th century Dutch warehouses and early twentieth century factories with modern buildings filling in spaces left by bomb damage.  I later found that it is all open spaces and modern installations. 

Bastogne Rue De Clervaux - HO - NMBS/SNCB - Modelled by Phil Colton

I chose to model Bastogne, famous for its place in WW2, because it is in south eastern Belgium.  This meant I could model traffic from Belgium and Luxembourg. I have imagined a third station in the town which is now a terminus and has a busy freight yard with a chemical plant, logistics depot and a banana ripening warehouse.

Zevendaal - HO - Private Operators/Open Access Freight Netherlands NS                                 - Modelled by Tom Nicholls

Zevendaal is a mainly freight harbour based in the Netherlands but also featuring a range of European stock found passing through with open access freight arrangements. Era is 1990s and the port contrasts the closeness of big shipping and urban life in the old ports such as Rotterdam, Zutphen, Amsterdam and Deventer just before the big redevelopment of these areas and the movement of the mainstay of port traffic to new more coastal locations.

Zevendaal is a combination of these old ports in character and function and depicts the underbelly of the Dutch rail freight scene in Epoch IV. It uniquely combines a Container Ship and a Passenger liner – full size in HO!

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